Powerlogger & Driveshaft Speed

the vehicle speed sensor is reading driveshaft speed essentially, what is it you are trying to do?

I want to monitor driveshaft rpm vs motor rpm for transmission purposes .
Is it possible ?
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because there is no transmission input speed sensor, detecting gear or clutch slippage is not really possible. But presuming your trans is holding, you can calculate converter "slip". Note that not all converter slip is loss, as most of the speed differential is used to create torque multiplication below the stator uncoupling RPM.

to calculate this in PLC, you need to put some factors into PLC. Look on the F3 page in the analog box. in the adjust window there are factors for the converter slip.

I forget the exact numbers, and they are gear (and transmission gear switch) dependent. The top of 3rd gear is where the info is most useful, and for comparison always use the same MPH.