Powerlogger/PLX WIDEBAND


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Aug 19, 2001
I have a powerlogger, SD chip, PLX Wideband, with a Scanmaster G setup.

I have hooked up the PLX Wideband per powerlogger instructions I think as they are a little foggy on which wire to hook to but I can’t get it to read on my Scanmaster gauge.
Mine is showing 400mv on the gauge and 19.1 on the powerlogger.

Ideas welcome just want my car running
or you could contact turbo Bob on here he's the one that makes the power loggers and scan Masters
So, you went to Scanmaster Options and selected "Display Wideband"?? Do you have the wideband grounded to a good source??
is the data wire connected to the PowerLogger analog connection block? (connecting the ground there is a good idea also)

when you select the scanmaster option, you have to also connect to the Powerlogger. The settings are transferred to the PL during logging.
Yes the wire is connected. Where do you ground the block?
I thought you could only choose the option by being connected to the PL.
Can you take a pic of the connections on the PLX Box and the PowerLogger... maybe we can figure this out. I run a PLX WBO2 and Powerlogger as well.

Hope this helps


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19:1 tells me that the powerlogger is getting a full-lean signal from the PLX, which is normal from them when the engine is not running. So give us more info.
don't worry about grounding to the PowerLogger block for now, we need to get the overall issues sorted out.
Ok. I will try to get a log. It’s a process for me because I’m in the country and don’t have internet other than my phone so it takes me a bit to download stuff lol