powerlogger questions..help.


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Nov 4, 2005
1)installing 3 bar map for boost monitoring....diagram shows differently than instructions? i put sensor wire like instructions, not diagram....
also,pin out right? i used a tps plug and polarity is backwards from the tps...
2)would like to monitor second fuel pump turn on...12v ok into aux input of pl?
3)can i tie into fuel pressure sensor (dakota digital) to monitor it as well through the other aux input? thanks.
what kind of dash is in the car? For only monitoring boost, you can just tap the MAP sensor signal and run it to the analog input.

You can run 12 v to the PL, it won't hurt it as long as there are no big spikes in the signal. where were you planning to get the signal from? Relay? pump feed voltage? The PL only reads to 5, though.

do you have the specs on the sensor?

Had polarity backwards on map...didn't seem to hurt it. Positive 12v monitor on relay trigger.so,0 = off, 5= on? Fuel pressure reads about 3psi high.....
the relay may throw a spike when deactivated. Might want to put a diode across that coil.

where is the fuel pressure sensor grounded?

You may have to correct the FP reading in the PLC.ini file.

I'm a idiot....lol

couldnt get the space bar to start/stop datalogging last night....it was in record mode.

2nd pass ;set up tps trigger....it recorded the burnout :rolleyes:.....im going to "test" some at home until Ive got it, then go back to the track....as back up, im going to extent the tps trigger time to 50 seconds:biggrin: