Powerlogger with modded ECM, wideband, chips, Belltech lowering springs, boxed control arms


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Feb 15, 2003
Just went XFI and took out my Powerlogger setup. Would first like to sell everything together as a package before I split it up. This is a Powerlogger on a modded ECM with two alky TT chips for 83lb injectors. One is a 5.6 TT chip and the other is a 6.1 TT wideband chip. Also included is an AEM inline wideband O2 setup. Powerlogger sold, ECM $210 shipped, chips $100 shipped, AEM sold

New prices, want this stuff gone: ECM $190 shipped, chips $90 shipped

I also have a pair of Belltech 5100 rear lowering springs. My rear wheelwell lips measured just under 27" with 28" tires. SOLD

Finally, a set of stock rear upper and lower control arms with Energy Suspension bushings. The lowers are boxed. These were just taken off my car and look fine. I went as quick as 1.47 60fts on these. $110 shipped
New price, want this gone: $90 shipped


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I will if everything doesn't sell as a package. Want to give it a couple days first. Price would be $100.
Prices will be $220 for the Powerlogger (I have the scanmaster chip for it also), $200 for the ECM, $100 for the chips, and $100 for the wideband.
Interested in modded ECM if spliting up...if it can run 120's
If nothing by tonight I will separate. Everyone add $10 to prices to cover shipping and paypal.

Yes, the ECM is modded to run low z injectors like the 120s.