Powermaster fuse?


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May 26, 2001
Ok before i start pulling all these frickin fuses. The electrical parts of the powermaster goes to which fuse under the dash. I was driving the GN last night and my a/c heat control blower fan stopped working then the powermaster stopped working and brake light came on. I'm assuming i blew something in the fuse panel. Any help would be appreciated. thanks
If it's blowing a fuse, that could be a sign of trouble. With the engine off, turn the ignition key on and listen for the powermaster motor. It shouldn't run until you press the brake pedal 2 or 3 times, and only then the motor should run only for a few seconds and shut off again. If the motor runs for a long time (more then 20 seconds) that can cause it to overheat.
Thanks for the print out of the fuse panel. I'm going out to work on the beast right now. I'm not sure if its blowing or has blown a fuse or not. Just kinda weird that all of sudden the brake light comes on and i lose my brakes when the blower motor stopped working. I got a mess of wires i have to redo/remove because of the wonderful Chapman alarm the dealer installed when new. I just hope once i get the alarm control box and keypad removed that the car will start for me :eek:
The 30 amp fuse kept blowing on my Powermaster when the accumulator started going bad. First the brake light would light up everytime I stepped on the brake pedal, then go out. Then the light stayed on for good and the fuse blew. Bad accumualtor. Replacing accumulator fixed the problem.

This is just another alternative to your problem, so it might not help.

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