Powermaster Replacment


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Aug 28, 2001
Ok, I'm going to swap out the whole thing with a lifetime warranty unit from Advance Auto. It will be there tomorrow.

Could anyone e-mail me scans of the GM Service Manual on removal & install on the PM unit? My e-mail is in my sig, just contact me and let me know. This will be GREATLY appreciated! Gnttype.org's technical article is alright, but not quite as detailed.

Anyone have experience with the A1 Cardone reman units? They usually hold up pretty well? Lifetime wty makes things easier if I have future problems again, but I'm curious as to what its rebuilt and what is actually new on the units. Thanks in advance.
Originally posted by GrndNatnl
Ok, I'm going to swap out the whole thing with a lifetime warranty unit from Advance Auto. It will be there tomorrow.

I need a Pwermaster too. How much total??

I've seen this exact same part# (52-9702) listed by various sources and priced from $144 to more than $900???

You guys may want to check with Auto Zone before making a decision. Here's their current website info....


Unit Price: $143.99
Core Value*: $61.00
Part No.: 52-9702
Weight: 0.00 lbs.
Warranty: LLT

*When you return your core to AutoZone, we'll refund your core charge.
You guys must be looking at something different. Advance Auto has the reman A1 Cardone unit for $171.00 w/ core, which is $50.

They have an image on their system which shows the unit, and its everything. Master cyl, booster motor/pump, resovior (I think), accumulator (which has to be new), and pressure switch (which also has to be new).

So anyone have a scan of the service manual on that swap?

[Edit: Price mistake..]

Sending you an e-mail with 3 attachments...
Also, if you haven't been HERE might be worth a look.
Thank you Mickey!

I've read everything in that section on gnttype.org about 10 times over. :eek:

Hi folks,

I have seen one on carparts.com fot $1100 or so. I need one for my car and I may go get it today!!

Just picked up the unit today after work.

Everything appears in check. Except now I dont even think I have a problem, but I may hang onto it anyway.

The E-H motor is painted black, but looks to be the same type of pump. They can NOT rebuild these, correct? They have to be new? Along with the accumulator and the pressure switch?

Switch is the grey one, and the accumulator is the black ball with the yellow warning painted on it. (All post-recall spec stuff.)
I think I paid $245 for mine at Advanced. It's a shame they quit warrantying them. I really liked the powermaser when it worked.
Wonder whatever happened to that reproduction unit I saw at SEMA a few years ago

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