Precision Stock Location I/C Install


Jul 7, 2003
I just bought a used Precision stock location intercooler. It is kind of a monster by the way if you haven't ever held one. I have used other stock loaction I/C before but this one is monsterish. I didn't receive install instructions which isn't a biggy. I can figure it out, but I think there is part missing. I am assuming that there is threaded spacer that turns onto the stud where the stock passenger side bracket bolts onto. Now I am a mchinist so I can make one fairly easy, but I don't know how long it is. Does anybody have instructions and/or a print of how long this spacer is. Also I assume the short spacer I have goes onto the water pump bolt for the upper hole in the Precision bracket.
Yes, you correct in your assumptions. I am putting my GN away for the winter, so I will measure the length of the spacer in a few minutes while I am changing the oil. I might have the directions laying around as well, I will look for them.

Sorry, couldn't find the directions but the long spacer measures 3.5 inches. I had to make my spacer 3.75 inches long so that the intercooler would clear the fan. Let me know if you need anything else.