Precision Turbo 120 injectors, 3.5” polished aluminum MAF pipe with filter


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I have some parts that I would like to sell.

First is a set of Precision Turbo low impedance 120 injectors. I bought them from Hartline Performance and they have about 900 miles on them. $235 shipped for the set of 6.

Next is a polished aluminum 3.5” MAF pipe and filter. The couplers are set up for a standard 3” inlet turbo and it comes with the clamps also. I ran the MAF pipe without a MAF but you could run a MAF with it but you would probably need to trim a little of the pipe. $75 shipped

I will take the pipe and filter. Pm me payment details

Sorry, but I got a response earlier on the MAF pipe. When I checked this morning I had both, so I thought the only fair thing to do was go by the time stamp. I attached a screenshot so you wouldn’t think I was playing games.


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