Pro Dyno In Tempe great tuners! rwhp#'s inside, et's



Hello Everyone,

finally after a year of hell, we see some daylight. Took the car to Pro Dyno in Tempe AZ to get tuned on a chasis jet dyno.

On the first pull with my dad's tune we pulled 660 rear wheel horsepower. But the car was incredible fat. Wayne started trimming fuel off, played with the timing, and several other sections of the speed pro software. Each pull the car put down more and more. I hit a point were I told Wayne it was good enough.

I want a little longevity, plus it's more street car than anything. He assured me that if I bumped the timing up a little more I could get another 50 at the rear wheels. Maybe later on I will do this, but as of now its good enough, look at the graph to see how much more power the car made with there tune. (Also I am running a TH400 tranny, 4 inch steel shaft, ford 9 etc, so I lose at least 20% through drivetrain.)

If anyone ever needs tuning on Accel DFI or Speed Pro Chris Hines and Wayne are excelent people to deal with!

I went to Firebird raceway to see what the car would do in the 1/4. On the first pass I took things easy to make sure my chasis welds would hold. Then the second pass I leaned into it a bit more. Car felt stable as could be and stayed straight.

I was trying to cool the car down in the pits when the last call came out over the PA for staging lanes. So to the lines I went, the car was right at 200* before I even started.

Do the burnout, launch the car, spin a little, start haulin pretty good. Ended up running out of gear with the 3.70's, went in and out of the throttle 4 times, and chunked the blower belt of. Managed a 10.15 at 129 mph. Ambient air was 95*, plus the air was terrible, track elevation is 1300 ft, not sure what it would be corrected.(?) This car will go 9's like nothing once geared.

The great thing is it has excellent street manners. This was at 13 psi of intercooled boost. Stock Sallee modified crate engine, hydraulic roller etc, with peanut oval port heads. Not sure what I will do in the near future, but it could be very fast if built for the blower.

Thanks for the past help everyone,

Hello Derreck, its definately a wild ride on the street. Got to keep these Mustang boys inline.;)

Not that I'm pissed, but why can't anyone get my name right? It's right there.....D E R E K :rolleyes:

Anyway....give those Mustang guys hell. Have someone video a pass down the 1/4, we would love to see that monster move.

502 cubic inches of forced induced motor.....dear lord. :)
Yeah there's a Mustang boy there in New Mexico you should go get.....John Urist. Have fun :D
Originally posted by Bobo
Yeah there's a Mustang boy there in New Mexico you should go get.....John Urist. Have fun :D

yeah....he's SLOW

what does he run......140-142mph?????/

oh wait that is in the 1/8 MILE!

dont mess with that mustang :)
Hello Guys,

When I attended UNM in Albquerque NM I met John Urist a few times at a friends shop. Never did get to see his car or anything like that though. Talked with him on a few occasions about speed pro efi. I tried to see if he would tune my car on Chris Groves chasis jet dyno, he would not do it. I dont think the guy knows even the basics on speed pro tuning, or how to turn the computer on for that matter. He has a fast car, and he has alot of family financial backing, and has the best tuners in the nation work on his stuff. His car never hits the street either.

Mike Keenan on the other hand occasional hits the cruise. He runs a 390 cid with a T100 turbo intercooled making 1200 rwhp at elevation. I think he is the fastest street car in the state. He does all the work on his car, dfi tuning etc.

Well I'm not here to defend John Urist or anything, but he has given me some Speed Pro tuning addvice. Whether he has hardcore knowledge of SP or not....ya can't say many people build their own headers, exhaust, cage, motors etc.

But if ya wanna run him on the street, the word is he is building a Procharged blown 347ci coupe for the street. But don't worry....he's just a mustang boy :D