problem in Jefferson City/Columbia Missouri


Alky graveyard parking.
Oct 26, 2002
A local Phoenix guy (Gus) on holiday is having problems and needs help. His GN is running like shit and needs help, he is limping the car down the highway. His issues are engine missing and shaking and his brakes (vacuum} are not working.
I got him to check the vacuum lines everywhere and they seem to be ok.
He replaced plugs and checked spark plug wire, did not help.
Disconnected the cam sensor while running no difference.
There are no engines codes.
Car ran good for the first 1000 miles and he has put fresh gas in also.
Any one know of any person local or reasonably close that he could go for help?
Either call him or post here and I will forward.

He can be reached at 602-565-3891.