Problems saving log...


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Dec 26, 2010
I can log and review but i cant figure out how to save the log. When i hit the esc button it comes up with quick save error already exists on disc...any help appreciated...Mike
You can save by hitting F3 then S.

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Ill try that in the am, I was planning on taking her to work tomorrow...thanks Mike
BTW, turn quick save off to do it manually with F3 S.

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On the F3 page with the QS Config button.

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the quicksave tries to create a new filename every time its used. something about the base filename that is currently set is preventing this from happening. so try creating a new filename with the quicksave config stuff. that should fix the quicksave issue. but otherwise, the save button on the F3 page works.

Just got gagrage, gonna play with the settings and see what I get ...thanks again guys
Awesome guys that problem is solved, I guess while I'm setting up the 3bar map and f/p transducer what are the ideal settings? everything is working but it seemed like the fuel press was a couple lbs under on the power logger compared to the liquid filled (a good one) that I just taken off so everything was verified. Thanks again guys!!!