Problems with site?

Tried almost 2 weeks ago ti sign up with no email confirmation or feedback. I even tried a second username and email last week to no avail...

Anyone have any connections over there to "poke" the admin(s)?



Fastest FWD GS in the PNW
Sorry, there is an issue with the registration process I need to look at.

I am the admin, I activated your account. PM me if you have any issues.

I am trying to register but the Security Check says CAPTCHA V1 is shut down and needs an upgrade, so no users can even register on the site (and therefore no way to contact anyone to report the problem).

Are you still an admin? Seems there is not a lot of activity there anymore, but there is a lot of good info still there and I would like to register. Anything you can do?


Fastest FWD GS in the PNW
Sorry, don't get over here much. PM me a username and I will activate your account. Yeah the site is dead, but lots of resources.