Procharger tuning info??


Speed Seeker!!
May 24, 2001
I just bought a 1986 Monte SS with a new Procharger P-1SC blow thru carb kit. I was just wondering if anyone has any info on these or has run one themselves. Other than Procharger themselves where can i learn more about tuning this thing up. It has a set of Iron Eagle 2.08" valve heads and a 780 Carb shops holley. He bought a lunati solid cam, like 514-547 lift i think it was not sure if thats the right choice or not?? I need to build a shortblock for it now, maybe a 400 sbc. Oh yeah what mods need to be done to the carb to make it work also??? Thanks for any info :) Frank
I am a Procharger dealer give me a call maybe I can help
Mike Licht
586 790 4406