Proper way to remove wheel studs?


The Artist FKA Scott4DMny
May 27, 2001
I'm talking front and rear. I'm not going to use the hammer method. I heard of someone using a balljoint tool??? But I have the blazer brakes with sealed bearings on the front, so I don't have much clearance to press them out. Is there some easy tool meant for this?
Don't know what's wrong with the hammer method as long as you use a nice soft hammer and not a claw hammer.
It handles pot holes and several thousand pounds pushing on it in all directions as you drive...wacking the stud with a hammer is unlikely to hurt anything IMO.
On the rear, just replace the axles with moser stock replacments with new ARP studs. It's easy, cheap and good insurance. On the front, I have no idea, maybe a torch or PB blaster first?
hammer.. use at least a 20 oz hammer and don't swing it like a girl.. the studs pop right out.
if you don't trust your aim well enough to hit the end of the stud squarely, then put a lug nut on it to give you a bigger target to aim at.
I used the balljoint remover method. It was effortless and puts zero load on bearings etc. . If you go to a local parts store they should have one in the free loaner program. If you want to try its free, worse case scenario you pull out the hammer...
support the flange (either axle flange, or front bearing flange) on a large vice ,
opened enough to allow the stud to be removed,
then using your large hammer , remove the studs,
same for install, use the vice jaws for support.