PST driveshaft and other parts


Mar 16, 2006
Pst 3.5 inch steel shaft with 1350 yokes 1000 miles on it.. Like new
for 2004r.....300.00 shipped

billet angle iac block... 60.00
buick motorsports valve covers... 100.00
billet throttle body vaccum block... 30.00
heavy duty wastegate actuator brand new...60.00
turbonetics manual boost controller dial regulator....40.00
rjc power plate for stock plenum... 45.00
rjc msd 8.5 plug wires black numbered and cut to length...60.00
accufab adj fuel pressure regulator...60.00
2 walbro fuel pumps 1000 miles on them maybe 2 years old.. 40.00 each
high torque mini starter... 90.00

all parts have around 1000 miles on them and are like new

have alot of nice stock parts also
driveshaft, computer, igntion coil and module, nice working astroroof complete with new glass seal, intercooler and shroud,
fuel, throttle body vaccum, and oil cooler lines, engine harness. Etc

all parts off of my 87 turbo t with 81,000 miles on it
I Will take the billet IAC Angle block. Also want to see pics of the billet vacuum block and accufab regulator as I amy take them as well pending pics.
I will hold them for you. I have alot of responses pending pics. post on here what you want and I will hold it. I understand everyone needs pics before they commit to a sale. I will get pictures up as soon as I can. Thanks
So far everytnig is spoken for pending pics except fuel pumps, power plate and possibly drive shaft. and boost control regulator








Sorry about poor quality, Like I said these parts have about a thousnd miles on them.
I will try and get the plug wire pictures up tonight.
Can you tell me the length of the driveshaft from center of universal to center of universal?
Driveshaft length is 51 and 3/4 from center to center of caps.

So for I received payment on vaccum block, iac, regulator and ecm.

Everything else is still available