PST Performance Polygraphite Super Front End kits


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Nov 10, 2003

We, Power Performance Motorsports (, are brand new to the forum, but we have been actively participating on the for several years now. We are extremely excited to announce that we now offer suspension and brake products for Turbo Buicks! We are now paying advertisers on this forum.

We have updated our website with descriptions and pictures of every product we sell.

We are an authorized PST (Performance Suspension Technology) dealer (, and our flagship product is their Polygraphite Super Front End kit. To give you an example of the discounts we offer, PST sells this kit for the 73-87 Regal for $359. We sell it for $300 shipped to your door.

We offer massive discounts over PST direct prices. Power Performance Motorsports' hallmark is one-on-one customer service and fast shipping. All of our products are covered by PST's Lifetime Warranty.

Here is what is included in each Polygraphite Super Front End rebuild kit:

2 Upper Ball Joints
2 Lower Ball Joints
4 POLYGRAPHITE® Upper Inner Control Arm Bushings
2 or 4 POLYGRAPHITE® Lower Inner Control Arm Bushings
2 POLYGRAPHITE® Strut Rod Bushings (if required)
2 Outer Tie Rod Ends
2 POLYGRAPHITE® Stabilizer Links
2 POLYGRAPHITE® Sway Bar Bushings with Brackets
Control Arm Bumpers (for most models)
2 Inner Tie Rod Ends
Tie Rod Adjusting Sleeves
1 Idler Arm
2 Upper Inner Shafts

Please don't hesitate to contact me personally if you have any questions.