Quest For More Boost!!

Now I know people have seen a million short blocks, but they have not seen mine!!!:biggrin: Weber told me they will finish the long block tommorow and will have it on the truck Monday. :cool:

The wait is over. Now I have to eat more top ramen to get this converter and turbo.:mad:
that motor's looking good bro:biggrin: wish I had a stroker motor coming in the mail I always feel like a big kid waiting by the door for the delivery man to show up
Motor Complete.

Here are a couple more of pics that were sent to me before they completed the motor. I thought I was done paying the bulk of the balance until I got my FINAL invoice.:rolleyes: I did not think crating the motor, shipping and all the other little stuff would come out to so much. There is a lot that goes on when building a long block. All I can say is you better have your sh!* together if you want to build a complete long block with all the bells and whistles.:( I can say this was a good learning curve. I still have to learn how to tune this thing.:eek:

The compression ration came in at 8.85:1 w/46cc and .051 cometic gasket. I will post the rest of the pics when it arrives.

Stay Tuned!!


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Almost done!!

Here are a few more shots with accessories. PLAIN JANE!:biggrin:


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Looks like you're getting close. :)

Hey Red,

I'm getting real close. All I need now is the converter,water line for the turbo and a new TT 6.0 chip burned for this combo. Hopefully I can get it all by next payday. :biggrin: If not it will be just a little while longer. :rolleyes: So close but so far..:smile:

Do you still have the fan?
steve wassap bre i called u but it went straight to voisemail if u need somehelp hit my cell...if i would of new u were selllling your other t i would of bought is good at least we be able to see it....
Alright guys,

The motor is 100% READY to drop in. The 9.5 PTC converter will be here next week. I should have it running about mid January. All the little things have been killing me.


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How is your build coming? Did you get your car running? I would like to see some pictures of the final product.

Hey RJ,

I had to send the trans back to Lonnie because something was wrong with it.:( He said it would leave his shop last week. :rolleyes: I have not checked in with him because my first cousin was killed last week:(:( ontop of me moving. It's been rough the last week for me and my family.

As soon as the trans gets here everything gets dropped. I will have pics and some video.:biggrin:

I love the way your car looked in your thread!!
Damn Steve, sorry to hear about your cousin. :( I hope your family is holding up ok. Sorry for your loss.

I am sorry for your loss. My thoughts go out to you and your family.

My business partner recently had Lonnie build a couple of trannys. He had to send one of them back as well and is still waiting for it. I hear Lonnie does good work but is very slow since he is a one man shop.

I purchased my first Turbo Buick while sationed at NAS Moffett Field in 1990. I used to hang out with Jerry Heimbecker. I haven't talked to him in years. Is he still around?

Good luck with the build. It sounds like you are almost there. I'm looking forward to those pics and video.
Jerry is still around. Although many have literally come and gone, we still have a monthly meetings for turbo buicks guys in the area for BBQ's, tech, cruises, dyno days, etc...

Let us know when your car is up and running. That engine looks soooo sweet!