Question about CK Trans book


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Nov 20, 2005
Im rebuilding my trans using the CK Transmission book and it states on page 143 to "... Install the throttle level and bracket ass. (69) and the throttle lever to cable link (71). Discard items number 70 and 72." Below is pics of the diagram and pics of what I have. Am I missing something or hase my 70 and 72 already been deleted? Thanks guys!


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Cool. So just assembly it as I have it in the last pic? I know it also had a spring and what looked like a cotter pin on it that fell off and I didnt put it back on. So they way it is right now is fine? This trans also has a Stage right trans brake, so I dont need anything else with throttle level right? thanks!
Why did they put those there?

They were put there in case the T.V. cable breaks. If the cable breaks, the pin will drop and seat the T.V. exhaust check ball and keep your T.V. pressure at about 90psi and the line pressure at about 140 psi so you don't burn the clutches up in the trans. I assume you removed the T.V. exhaust check ball.