Question about identifying a flex plate for a Turbo engine vs a non turbo engine


May 24, 2001
I have several Buick V6 flex plates from different engines I have had over the years. For the life of me, I can't remember which engines they came off of. I had several Turbo engines and several non turbo. GM lists 2 different part numbers in the parts book; 25512348 for the non turbo and 25512350 for the turbo. So some of the flex plates have large rivets as weights and some do not. Which ones would be the ones specific for the turbocharged engine?
Several of the ones i have seen over the years have the word TURBO stamped on the flex plate.


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Unless you are bolting on a bone stock engine it doesn't matter as you need to balance it all together.
But using a non turbo when using lighter pistons will help the guy balancing it.
I could run both of them on a neturel balance bar and tell you how far off they are from each other.