Question about lining up dots on cam install


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May 25, 2001
Getting ready to install a 204/214 cam now do I just line up the dots on the timing chain sprockest like it was? Reason I ask is there is also a white dot on the 204 cam and no dot on stocker. Thanks
If you removed the timing set when it was "dot to dot", then install the timing set the same way. The top gear can only go on the cam one way, and the bottom gear can only go on the crank one way. Use the dots on your timing set and line them up the same as they were when they were removed.
If you rotated the motor any you need to find TDC on #1 compression stroke then line up the dots. To do it 100% by the book, you should really degree the cam in to ensure it was ground correctly to begin with. To be honest with ya, I've never degreed one and havn't had one that's out....I guess I don't always do things by the book:)
heheh...Joe skips the reading part of the book and just looks at the pictures!!! :p