question about my power master


im planning on switching to vacume soon but hope someone can help me for now. my car has original pm system 23,000 miles with exception of accumulator. everything with brakes is fine until i press pedal 8-10 times then the pedal goes to floor. i checked fluid right after this happens and on side of resivour looks fine the other looks like chocolate. if car sits for a bit all the fluid looks fine until i press brakes a few times. im assuming this is air in fluid on the one side since it clears up but what is causing this? thanks for any help,jeff
Pressing the pedal 8-10 times with key off is how you depressurize the system, and will nearly fill the inboard side of the reservoir. This is normal. And causes it to aerate with tiny bubbles that make it appear milky. The air will clear up in several minutes.
After it's clear and you turn the key on the pump will draw the fluid in that inboard side down and will appear low. Again, normal.

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Any way you can take a photo of each side of the reservoir so I can see where your levels are? Key on engine off no brake pedal pushes.

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ok pic thing wasnt working so i will try to describe levels.the outboard side (nearest fender) is up to about top of the divider and the inboard side is about half way up divider. the levels didnt change from the key off to the key on posistion if this means anything thanks,Jeff
If the pedal ever goes to the floor there is either air in the system or there is a leak which would show up as brake fluid all over the ground. The left side of the reservoir is the part that has the fluid for mechanical brake function. The right side is the power assist side and the fluid isn't connected.
no leaks not sure how air would have got in system never been apart . could a bad accumulator ball act like this?