Question about Translator, Extender and 42.5#ers

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We dropped a set of 8K mile 42.5# injectors and a mystery 93 chip today and the damn thing leans out under boost over 14-15lbs. We kept upping the fuel pressure to 38lbs with the line on and the thing drives great....until 15lbs of boost. Which position should the 3rd switch on the Translator be set at if I do not have an Extender chip? Finally, does this sound like the chip may have too much timing in it? The O2s are on the rich side, but the car leans out bad and pings at 15lbs.
switch 3 should be ON. But that will probably not solve the problem of leanout.

Reply with your translator settings and and scantool feedback you might have.

38 lbs fuel pressure is low...

is it detonating, low O2's, or surging that you are getting?

at 15lbs of boost we had 52# of fuel pressure

the first 3 switches on the Translator are on, the 4th is off

02s are a little rich, while the car knocks, pings, detonates when the boost goes higher than 15.

We are going to try a different chip, and then maybe a different pressure regulator as I have a stock appearing adjustable one

The car runs the exact same way with a known good stock MAF as it does with a 3" MAF and translator.
Originally posted by Tom Tom Turbo
mystery 93 chip today and the damn thing leans out under boost over 14-15lbs.

Your running a mystery chip?.
There are expensive lessions to be learned from doing things like that.
by mystery chip I mean that we don't know who makes it, we know it is a street 93 chip with 18* of timing, but that's all we know.
A couple thoughts...

- What is the "hose off" base FP setting? 38 "hose on" may be OK depending on vacuum... but I'm confused; with only 52# at 15psi, sounds like the base setting (hose OFF) is 38, in which case I agree with TurboBob, it is too low. The base setting should be in the 45 range so that at 15psi you have 60# FP.

- What fuel are you using? Here in CA with our 91 "Premium", 18* & 15psi can induce detonation,

- How's the ignition condition?