Question for Bruce


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May 24, 2001
What is needed to make a 2004r L/U to N/L? I just got N/L converter and needed to make my trans N/L. I also got a N/L trans, can I just pull the parts from that one? Or can you sell me a kit. BTW, the N/L trans needs rebuilding otherwise I would just use that one.:)
Hell, any of the talented guys here could answer this..

You need to change lock up valve. There are two styles . One that requires pump removal, Art Carr's (which I like) and the Transgo style that does not require pump removal. To be honest ,
Both work well.
Also the input shaft ck ball needs to be removed. On SOME torque converters , depending on manufacturer , will need the input shaft pilot cut off. Contact the manufacturer of the converter you are running to see if this is required. :)

Thats it. Good luck.:D