Question from the newb about valve cover

you can get them from advanced auto parts they stock them. they are 11 dollars. ill help you put them on
Yeah thinking about replacing the gasket and hood strut on Sunday. Also apparently the tard before me had put the wrong badge on the trunk, Gnocide pointed it out. Its not supposed to have the Turbo 3.8 badge on the passenger side trunk? Wonder how hard it is to remove? Are they stuck on, or do they require two holes/screws?
awesome thanks for the help. And thanks for the offer to help. I got a friend coming over for some brute strength incase my piss poor hands give out.
Use the cork do not get the rubber ones they will leak

x2 I use the cork ones with some silicone on both sides, I found out it sealed better this way with those aftermarket turbo 6 valve covers. Tried rubber gaskets first and they leaked.