Questions on stock parts


I was looking at the pictures of the 3500 mile GNX on sale on eBay ( and have a few questions.

I noticed it has an 8 hole hood pad. I thought all GNX's have a nine hole pad and the 8 hole pad was produced several years later.

I noticed the a/c dryer is not painted black and thought they were all painted.

I noticed the instrument bezel does not have the 3.8 turbo emblem. GMSPO did provide bezels without the emblem but I thought that was only after original production.

It may be possible that these items were changed but in a 3500 mile ? Or perhaps I am mistaken about what is stock. What do you think?
I would be confident in saying the hood pad has been changed , a/c dryer has been changed and lastly , yes, the bezel has been changed , as it did start life as a GN , and all GN's had the turbo 3.8 litre badge on the bezel .
Why ? Who knows , a mouse chewed on the hood pad ? The car is 27 years old , a/c dryer went bad ? And maybe someone was trying to remove the bezel and broke it and got a new one ?