Rack and pinion install??


May 28, 2001
Has anyone done this??Any tips??Any company make kits??How about a wing to keep to rear down??TIA
Talk to George Benson (turbota3.8) as I believe he did such a swap along with a tubular crossmember on his.
If you're thinking GN instead of TTA, do it and take good pics. :) I wouldn't mind doing it to my T-type, but don't really plan on it at present. I am planning a manual box conversion but a rack would sure be nice.

easiest rack we found that worked good was a manual rack for a fox body mustang.

used 2 by 2 box tube of the front of the crossmember and made caps for the ends at the right angle to get the steering shaft inline were you want it and welded nuts to the back of the caps ...the rack comes with bushings so you can bolt it right up.

the first couple we had the shaft sticking up pretty strait to not cut into the crossmember and used universals to make the turns

the last one i cut a hole in the front of the cross member for the shaft to stick in and cut a hole in the top for the shaft to go thru.

you can buy the swivels to fit on the splines of the rack and put one at the bottom af the colum and add a shaft.

must be aware that this rack dont alow for real sharp turns and can be trickiy on u-turns.
nope sorry them cars are long gone somewhere..:confused:

dont have a clue who owns them now..

i am consitering doing it on my elcamino i have now that my i/c motor is going in..

heck i just got a dig cam at christmas :)

one of the guys that had one of the cars might have some pics i can check ... i'll email him shold know tomarrow but i dought he does he's like me gets rid of stuff without getting pics then regretting it later.