"Rain-Check!" Post Bowling Green Sale

Full Throttle Steve

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Aug 3, 2012
As most of you know who attended the GS Nationals this year, the event was rained out on Saturday and most people did not venture out of their hotel rooms. Just in case you missed our display or did not make it to the track, I am bringing bowling green to you... Kind of. What we have going on this week is a Post Bowling Green Rain Check sale. Below are many items that I've put on sale at the show prices, for those that missed out. REMEMBER! If you don't see something on this list that you would like to purchase, you may use the promotional code BUICKNATS13 in our web-store to receive 5% off. This code does NOT apply to any items placed on the above said list!

Molnar Technologies Connecting Rods in 5.960 and 6.350: $479
CAT Manufacturing 5.960 Connecting Rods: $289
Full Rotating Assemblies in Stock Stroke and Stroker Style: $1559
Scanmaster 2.1 for Turbo Buick: $225
MAF Translator 6.25 for Turbo Buick: $179
Powerlogger for Turbo Buick: $235
MAF Sensors 85MM Z06 plus Harness--With Purchase of Translator: $119
BHJ Internal Harmonic Balancers w/ Trigger Wheel: $459.99
J&W Flex Plates: $229

I also have many Precision Turbos IN STOCK including 6262's, 6266's, and 6466's all ready to ship!


Steve @ Full Throttle
The sale ends this week, thanks for all the orders so far we still have a few turbos and other items left, and yes these turbos are PTE
Any sales or upcoming sales on SD2 chips?


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