Rare 87 Hardtop GN!!!

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Oct 26, 2001
I didn't know an 87 hardtop was so rare!! The main reason I posted this is I cant figure out what people are thinking sometimes. They ask so much for a car but don't take a hour to clean it, maybe tuck in some hanging wires, a vacuum, wash, NOTHING???? Especially from a dealer! The only thing missing is a closeup of the bald DR's with a caption "Never raced or abused" This dealer has a couple GN's like this.

Rare 1987 Buick Grand National Hard Top

another one

Sale Pending Rare 1987 Buick Grand National T-Top Real Deal
It's rare because it comes with the super rare hvac control/radio surround woodgrain trim on a GN. :biggrin: The wires hanging down is an option. ;)
Gotta love car dealers:D "This is the best Grand National you will find at this price"...................Really:confused: