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I watched the first one. In short: we have already reached our peak oil production & are running out. No one wants to talk about it & the gov't is keeping us from this info. And that we do not have a good solution to provide the resources for the amount of energy that we use. Also, this guy is a chain smoker & will most likely die from lung cancer before we every run out of oil.

Conclusion: Give your TR to me & buy a horse.

Seriously, this is a problem that not only our gov't doesn't want to realize, but most anyone other than the Amish that have come to enjoy what oil provides for us. Like most everything else, we use up resources and ignore the consequences till there is no more. Connivence =ignorance.
There is controversy over Ruppert, and he has many critics. But one simple fact is, There is Truth to what he is talking about.... People need to listen to someone other than the government sooner or later instead of this Sheep hearding mentality that is here today...

If you ask me this guy really knows what the hell he is talking about and in the end he will be looking down at everything saying, "See, Told ya so"....

It's common sense people, think about it....Everything comes to and end!

Wow, I'm the only one who voted there is no way. ;) I'm not saying there isn't truth to what he is saying, but I have a problem listening to doom-sayers. People in the 70's said that we would be out of oil in 30 years :rolleyes:

As economics dictates, when demand goes up and supply goes down, prices rise. As Americans, we are used to everything being cheap and plentiful when compared to the rest of the world. The price of oil will eventually get to a point where some rich/smart/greedy bastard will capitalize on this by inventing something else to replace sectors where oil is used and can be manufactured and sold for less. When money is involved, people will find a way to make it. The whole reason thing are done like they are now is because of money. People want to pay the least and get the most. It's the reason there's Summit Racing and eBay. I don't know anyone who works for those two companies, but I have met the guys at my local speed shop with whom they have to compete with.

I talked to a guy from Ireland yesterday. He told me that there country is being bailed out by the IMF. A bank is going to be running the show over there. Running the budget anyway and through that, I don't see how they wouldn't be able to control government policy. Be glad that's not us.

On a side note, it's funny how this guy was bashing the Bush administration in the first video. I see not many people watched it or their would have been more comments.
The only problem I have with this "green" b.s that is being sold to the american people is this.
I live in a large city inside the city limits. I pay for city water and state electricity.
If I were to disconnect from the city water and live off my well, the city would freak and have me fined.
If I were to disconnect from the state power grid and live off solar and wind, the State would fine me.
So much for being green.
**** the gov't and big corporations. They want us to conserve so they don't have to.
We were told to conserve water in our area. So we did. Then guess what happened next? They said we didn't use enough water and they needed to raise our rates to cover expensences. What a crock of ****!

They don't mind building diesel sucking cruise ships and airliners. Oh, that's right. someones getting rich off those things.

What about the oil spill in the gulf. They weren't to concerned about conserving when that thing was pumping millions of gallons of crude a day into the enviroment. They could have shut that thing down the 1st day but then it wouldn't have been a productive well. Once again.... GREED!
I don't conserve ****! Never will as long as that kind of **** is going on. Were not using up these resources. There just using these scare tactics to make money. Look at FL with all the hurricanes in 2005. Home Depot, lowes, INS co. and every over fly by night co. Made millions of that year by continuing to keep people scared with the what if's and videos of the destruction left behind. I have lived here for 40 yrs. And that's the only yr I know of like that.

Absolutely real! This story is old though but its a great wake up call for anyone who is asleep, EG many wont watch it. As in many members here will not watch this because they feel their too special or their attention spands are to small. Mik has some big balls and is more of a man then 99.9% of the people on this board. He is a real service man who spoke up and has been ostracized for it. I've met Mik in person once, his experience in field alone takes value and president over what anyone of his 'critics' say, PERIOD. To any of his 'critics' I say show me your resume before your speak, because until it involves anything like what Mike went through the critic is valueless. Point out any of his critics to me and I'll show you a dud who has no idea what he is talking about and has done no homework.

His work on Iran Contra is simply amazing. So many involved @ that time in politics earned their 'badges' from that work in and on iran contra. What funny is if you have done your homework those involved back in that time period are either retired or in much HIGHER positions in office today. I still have to lug the articles around in my car to even prove to the people that their are forces within the CIA and gov itself who are in charge of running drugs, my favorite articles are of crashed CIA planes filled drugs coming in bound to america..............ANYONE watch fox this year? They showed OUR OWN TROOPS guarding, helping, growing, and selling opium under tax paying military operations! An absolute slap in our faces and its on tv to boot! if you liked that video check out Invisible Empire A New World Order Defined 2hrs free
look at 00:54:40 - 00:58:33 A great intro to this movie in my opinion! Includes Iran Contra. If this doesn't blow your mind just go back to sleep, everythings fine. But nope all politicians involved weren't fired or shot by firing squad for treason, they either retired or were promoted. Oliver North got a show, and Biden is the VP....hmmm. All the information in that 4 minutes alone is enough for weeks worth of homework!

It gets better then Iran Contra in todays world....Look at Fox Shmews for the proof. They (those in charge) have the balls to show us up on TV and rub it in our face that OUR military is protecting poppy fields. Thats right, YOUR tax dollars are paying for the information, protecting, vegetation, flowering, harvesting, selling, transporting, and sale of the number one killing drug in the world, Heroin. In fact, whats even funnier is 80-90% of the worlds heroin supply comes the feilds our soldiers are protecting! Iran contra, HA that was kids play.

Oliver North gets a TV show
and Look at where Gates is now....
We were told to conserve water in our area. So we did. Then guess what happened next? They said we didn't use enough water and they needed to raise our rates to cover expenses.

I like this quote. I don't know why, I just think it's funny/messed up.

The is quickly deteriorating into a political forum topic.
You are a sheep


I believe your user name says it all. Need not say more.
I saw the movie. Scary stuff if it were all true. Is it? I don't know. Sounded pretty plausible to me. Better safe than sorry. Probably better not to be around for the mess that happens when this ride stops...