Realized I havent done this


Mar 6, 2011
My (darling) wife gave me an 87 T in 2011 for my 50th. My dad bought the car about 15 years ago in Boulder and it has maybe seen 2,000 miles since then.


It sat for about a year while i finished my shop. Since then i been spending money and tearing things apart :) One thing leads to another....put in a new fuel pump, noticed the exhaust had issues, of course it would be easier to replace with gas tank off. Ordered a new Pypes Race Pro. After the exhaust was out, looked at the control arms....well...pulled the rear upper and lowers off and boxed them, welded in some frame gussets and now in the process of putting in new Prothane bushings.
Also just got thru putting in 50lb injectors and a powerplate.
Hoping Santa brings Alky.
great looking car, wish I had a wife like that :( ill be sure to leave this post open , hope she gets the hint :p
welcome aboard.
Looks very clean. Congrats on a great car and a great wife.:)

Happy Spooling.

Mike Barnard
Kind of funny now.. I've been spending money on things (IC hoses, fuel pump, injectors, bushings, plug wires, vacuum block, wheels, scanmaster....) she made the comment "I had know idea that car was in such bad shape when i bought it" :D