Rear air bags / air shocks


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Feb 7, 2013
when I purchased my 87 GN w/ T-Tops, it had rear air bags and air shocks. I have since had the front and rear coils replaced and new air shocks installed trying to clean up the ride. I have also had the back seat brace and GNX rear end brace installed as well as the front brace. I hope this takes care of the sway.
Should I have the air bags put back in and are the air shocks a good idea? I had a 71 Chevelle that had the rear air shock come up thru the trunk.
I don't plan to race on a regular basis but I will run it down the track every once in a while.
Also. I know this is off track from above, but If I install the RJC rear motor brace do I need to leave on the strap that is attached to the alternator bracket?
I have no experience on the air shocks, just that those are old school. Before my time. I have had air bags in my GN for years and no issues. Ride is fine. If I am traveling I usually put 20-30psi in them, normally I keep them at 5psi each. Front and rear braces should help. Have them on my GN and it helped a lot.

As to the motor brace, I went to HR Parts poly motor mounts. The thing with the torque strap is if you have it too tight it can break the accessory bracket. But it would break the eye bolt first, which could possibly get into the belt and cause all kinds of issues. I used a hardened 3/8" eye bolt with the strap for years and never had an issue.

Hope this helps.