Rear Block Cam Bearing hole freeze plug size?

Jan Larsson

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Nov 22, 2001
Got the Clevite kit of freeze plugs for the 109 block, and all cups etc are there and the correct size (got the brass kit) but the rear hole for the cam bearing the cup for that one in the kit is 1 59/64" and it seems to be slightly too small ... unfortunatly binned all the old cups I removed a year ago so can't compare size ... anyone know the correct size cup that should be used?
Excellent, thanks I'll go get 1 or 2 of them ... wonder why the Clevite kit got one of them wrong ...
Cam Bearing Plug

Everyone I buy has both 1 59\64 and 161\64 in the pack, someone left the one you needed out, maybe packed on monday or friday?
Yep agree, odd. Got two different pack one in a cardboard box so could have fallen out ... other is in a sealed plastic bag and it also missing the larger one ... oh well trip to the speedshop tomorrow :)