rear main seal ny/li area looking for some1 trustworthy


Apr 14, 2009
looking to have rear main seal done. Looking for a person that does this that I can trust.
^I was going to post the same thing.

Last time I talked to him he said Amazon was sending him ''Rear main seals for Dummies". I'm sure he's at least looked at the pictures by now :)
If you want to drive to CT my shop is at 06051

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Raul Diaz at Grand performance 36-25 23rd st lic ny 11106 718-204-0680. He will take care of all your Buick needs.

Tell him I sent you, that will get you a discount:p.
The easiest way to replace the rear main seal is to removing the trans or disconnecting the trans out and away from the engine a few inches to get to the rear main seal. I got mine done last year, when I had to rebuild my transmission and restalled my d5 stock convertor. I would look for a good transmission shop. no leaks here, besides the rust-proof oil.
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