Rearend gear question


Slow GN Fizz!
May 30, 2001
For a transplant...3.8 turbo, 200 4r tranny, 26" tires, less than 2500 lbs.
Have the choice of 3.55 or 3.27. Which would be better for me? (considering there would be much difference between them)
A few quarter mile blasts, more 1/8 mile blasts, and few times to the road races.
Thanks for the help, Rob
3.27 or maybe even 3.08

But thats just me and I dont like roadracing or 1/8 mile - gotta love running 3rd gear out :D

I have 3.08 gears and am 1000 pounds heavier than you, still manage to consistantly 60ft in the 1.4's

This page might help you figure out what you want:

Thanks for the help guys...

I just don't want to loose too much first gear "FUN" if I go to a 3.27. I think that's where I'm leaning towards.
Only reving to 5800ish, if that changes anything.
Thanks, Rob

With the torque of the 3.8 and the weight of your car I'd bet the 3.27 will be quicker.