OK, Here We GO !!


Jan 25, 2002
Here's just a few pics. of Buick junk I want to sell.
The pics. pretty much speak for themselves but here's a little run down on parts.

1 - The chrome hood hinge set up is $185 and I won't separate it.
2 - Polished billet aluminum rad top plate that I paid Tom @ Champion over $300 some years back. It is still very nice but does have a small rub mark on the back edge. Once installed you'd never know it. $200
3 - Polished stainless steel overflow tank in very nice shape. $45
4 - Low mile stock maf sensor with nice chrome cover. $150
5 - All kinds of new and slightly used sensors and junk.
6 - Two Caspers connector sets with just a few gone. Paid $100 will take $50 for all.
7 - Two complete Walbro 255 pump kits complete. Never installed. $200 for both, $100 each.
8 - Brand new and correct VDO oil and water sending units. Oil $45, water $35
9 - Like new console riser with cup holders. It's gray & black. $100
10 - 3 New fender covers I've had stored away along time, the one has 3 little pin pricks on it (see pic.) $25 for that one and $35 each for the other two.
11 - I have a mint GN dash plaque. No pic yet. $250
12 - Mint GN complete horn cap, it has a new outer ring on it. $250.
13 - New chrome heater blower motor cover. $35
14 - Used but damn nice chrome charcoal canister cover with a Finger Prints Piss Me Off decal on it. $50
15 - New Aeromotive fuel pressure gauge with reset button. Only way to go. $45
16 - New T/L & back up light gaskets. $25 for both.
17 - Sandblasted and painted steel gray stay down license mount. Nice ! $30
18 - Two black stock seat belt holders. $25 for both.
19 - Two very nice black door jamb vents. $25
20 - Two brand new polished aluminum door jamb vents. Just paid $130 for them, will take $100
21 - Perfect under steering wheel gray collar. $35
22 - Custom made embroidered 8 hole hood pad. I took my own colors of thread and had John make this years ago at Bowling Green, Been stored under my bed for a few years now, It's perfect if you like blue. $250
23 - Complete and only on my car for two weeks. LS1 three and a half inch maf, 6.25 translator , and polished aluminum pipe with hoses from TR Custom Parts. ( Mark ) Pipe got one nick on the back side from the wreck. Paid $450 plus for it. Will sell for $350 and that's a deal.
24 - ATR rear sway bar just sandblasted and pained with Hi- Temp gloss black. Comes with 4 new grade 8 bolts for installation. $150 and won't be cheap to ship, I'ts HEAVY
22 - Pair of mint GN quarter glasses. They are tinted. $400 for the pair
23 - Pair of GN blacked out Tail Lights that are next to mint. Drivers side one has a small nick on top corner of it. I also have a $300 set of LED"s installed in them. Will come with complete T/L harness so it's just plug & play. $600 for all.
24 - Next to perfect GN console. I don't have the lid anymore. $350
25 - Brand new front bumper fillers from Gbody parts. $100
26 - Brand new pair of nos black H/L bezels in the GM boxes. Boxes are kind of rough. $300
27 - Innovate MTX-L wide band complete set up with a used and a new sensor. $150
28 - Two new black side marker lights. $75
29- Brand new GNX leather bound box only just opened for pics. $150
30 - Aluminum rear bumper enforcement. Has been sand blasted and painted steel gray. $125
31 - Two black park light bezels just redone and are very nice. $75 for the pair.
32 - GN rear spoiler. Left end has a couple of scratches and the main center piece has the paint rubbed off right on the edge for about 3 inches. Not bad at all but I'm picky. $350 for all 5 pieces.
33- I do have a mint GN hood , nice used fenders, trunk lid, doors and wheel well moldings.
34- GN black grille with two chipped fins that I dressed up and you can't really tell the difference. $250
35 - Denny's 3 and 1/2 in. aluminum drive line that's only been in the car for less than 1,000 miles. $350.
36- Mint GN gray dash. Bare dash. $450
37 - All relays on passenger fender, that is a HKP esc module has nice chrome cover. $125 for all.
38 - Damn nice complete powermaster with an almost new nos accumulator ball that has a chrome cover on it. Master fluid reservoir is painted blue but it will come right off with thinner or brake clean. Works perfect. $550
39 - Complete power steering set up off this car, pump is only 1 year old and has a billet pulley on it. The mounting bracket for the fluid reservoir is chromed. $250 for the whole set up. Will NOT separate.
40 - Real low mileage ignition module and GM coil pack. $150 Module is painted blue.
41 - 49,000 mile speedo cluster, works perfect. $150
42 - Radio and main instrument cluster bezels. Very nice. $100 for the main one and $50 for the radio bezel.
43 - Mint gray 3rd brake light with the QUICK sign in it. $35'
Have LOTS more to come.
PLEASE NOTE that ALL Parts are PLUS Shipping. 3% if paypaling.



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ill take the dash plaque and stuff I asked for and the spoiler with end caps


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Hey Mike, put me second in line on the 6-caspers connector set.
Thanks man,
I will take the dash plaque if grass hopper, I mean, grass doctor decides not to.

Love ya grass doctor, just playin'.

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I’m in for the sway bar if you can figure out shipping cost to 19317 if shipping is over $40 I might pass. Do you have any chrome dash strips in good shape?

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I also have a low mileage cam sensor complete with cap. $150
Also have a custom made black dash cover and it's NOT one of those ugly things that hang over the dash. It just covers the top and is a very nice piece. $50
Will have complete shifter out of this car with a black all GM stock style shift handle.$200
I also have a low mileage cam sensor complete with cap. $150
Also have a custom made black dash cover and it's NOT one of those ugly things that hang over the dash. It just covers the top and is a very nice piece. $50
Will have complete shifter out of this car with a black all GM stock style shift handle.$200
Can I see a pic of this dash cover?
I am Interested in the driveshaft.
What series ends on on this?
Thanks, Troy

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