Reasonable hotels in the Chicago area?


Are you watching Phil?
May 25, 2001
Hey Chicago landers, Where are the Good/Reasonable hotel rooms in the Chicago land area.? Me and the Wife will be in downtown Chicago April 6 - 8 for the AWS welding show at McCormick Palace. This will be our first time in Chicago and i don't know where would a good place to stay would be. What are some good points of interest as well {have to have some fun}. Thanks in advance, Mike.:D

I don't know about reasonable but there is a hotel at McCormick place which would save you parking or having to travel to and from and you are just south of downtown. . Or try this . Maybe this weekend I'll look up listings of things to do. Or you pry could look up Chicago's dept of tourism. Just drop my a e-mail if I could help. BTW there is a lot to do here.:D Just got to stay out of certain parts of town. Just like downtown Detroit. :eek:

Yea just stay away from SofiSmell unless you want dead flowers in your room and $10 bowls of cream of wheat