Rebuilt cam sensors with NEW caps


Dec 6, 2001
Sensor bodies rebuilt by turbo dojo with new bushings and their hold down/balancer tab. I've got 4 new caps. 3 of those have never been installed, and one of the caps has marks on the screw holes from being installed. I'm guessing it came off a new sensor assembly. I've also got one used cap that's in good shape

$450 each for a rebuilt sensor body with a new cap

$400 for a sensor body with the used cap

Who makes the caps?
What I meant by that was they should be oem/ac delco. I may be wrong but even the "aftermarket" cam sensors and caps like standard or any of the others were just reboxed gm sensors. They are all the same. I don't know of anyone that made caps like these. They are no longer available. Only option is Caspers electronics cap and I haven't heard good things about them.
I just bought a Taylor cap from Rock Auto last week.
It didn't come shipped as a Caspers cap with the light? Last time I tried to order a cap like oem the picture was of an oem cap but ehest they shipped was a Caspers unit.
Mother fuck!
I said Taylor, but I meant to say Walker from Rock Auto, and it's a Casper's , with the light!
I have a couople of known working used ones, thought I would get an OEM style new just in case. Already had a Casper's on the shelf, now I guess I have two...
Mother fuck!
I said Taylor, but I meant to say Walker from Rock Auto, and it's a Casper's , with the light!
I have a couople of known working used ones, thought I would get an OEM style new just in case. Already had a Casper's on the shelf, now I guess I have two...
Yep I made that mistake too. Sometimes they'll show a Pic of the stock cap and then send you a Caspers. I had that happen and sent it back. I've heard the Caspers are hit and miss.
I'm gonna try one from Parts Geek, they show the right picture. The one pictureed on Rock Auto has changed to the Caspers style.....

We'll see, I'll let you know when it shows up. They say they have 40+ of them.
Guy, PartsGeek will send you a cap with the LED. Catalog pics for on-line parts are not updated regularly. And most will call the LED cap a functional equivalent, so no updated pic to actual product.

PartsGeek is a website only reseller. They have no inventory on-hand, no warehouses. Their whole business model is using software that shows real-time inventory in either the manufacturer's warehouse distribution system or a 3rd party distributor exclusively working for the manufacturer. PartsGeek does not have 40+ caps on-hand. There are 40+ caps available to be drop-shipped to a buyer.

The same software is used by Lowe's and Home Depot. Look up a Kohler fixture or a Clopay garage door. The box store does not have that quantity on-hand under the available to ship. That quantity resides as available to ship from the manufacturer. Only in-stock at a specific store location is what is on-hand. PartsGeek has no brick and mortar retail, so there are 40-plus caps available from the manufacturer.

The OE cam sensors were made by Magnavox, and Magnavox only. The aftermarket companies packaged the Magnavox caps and the complete unit (cap + drive) for years until the supply essentially became extinguished in 2007. From a couple decades ago, maybe some folks remember the $45 cam sensor caps from AutoZone and others - it was actually the complete unit. It might have come in packaging from Standard Motor Products, Wells, Borg Warner, Niehoff, GP Sorensen. And Napa had them under the Echlin brand. But it was all a repackaged Magnavox part. And you could buy the cap as GM 25518357 or the complete unit as 25516915.

Funny story is of a manufacturer distributor who supplied the brick and mortar auto parts store's distribution warehouses. The stores (AutoZone, Advance, O'Reillys, etc) did not want to pay shipping cost for the complete unit - now repackaged from a multiple unit case quantity to individual unit retail private label packaging. Magnavox shipped complete units to their distributor to fill the orders from the national parts stores. Each of companies did not want to pay to ship the entire drive unit in their private label packaging, so the units were disassembled, the drives were discarded, and the caps were packaged for the auto parts stores.

The following pics show how the OE Magnavox caps came in private label retail packaging. Also, pics show internet parts companies, including partsgeek attempting to sell the original Magnavox cap as pictured, when only the aftermarket cap with the LED is available. Those companies were corrected, including partsgeek that they do not have the original Magnavox cap and to correct their catalog image of the part and its corresponding pricing.

About 10 years ago, JEGS had the OE Magnavox cap packaged in Walker brand packaging using part # 235-1006, priced at $218.99. JEGS was sold out around 2016.
Cam Sensor Cap OE -Walker 235-1006 JEGS $218.99.JPG

HighwayStars had an inventory of the OE Magnavox caps also packaged as Walker 235-1006. Those were gone by 2017.
Cam Sensor Cap OE -Walker 235-1006 package_HighwayStars.JPGCam Sensor Cap_OE_HighwayStars_$229 (2017).jpg

From four or five or so years ago to today, some vendors and internet sellers, ebay, etc listed NOS complete cam sensor units in the $600 to more than $800 range. Primarily from seeing the GN and GNX sales from Barrett Jackson, Mecum, BaT, etc. The internet only cars parts sellers then jacked up the price of the cam sensor caps - the only part of the cam sensor that existed they could get their hands on. Problem is the only cap they could get their hands on is the cap with the LED.

Images below show those companies and their grossly inflated pricing for the LED cap. The only available cam sensor cap via retail is the LED cap whether in Casper's or Walker packaging. Walker continues to package the cap with the same 235-1006 part #. However, it is the cap with the LED, and NOT the original Magnavox cap the packaged a decade ago with the same part #.

CARid showed the OE cap for nearly $500, using a pic of the OE cap on their website. They only had the cap with the LED. They were corrected.
Cam Sensor Cap_OE_CARiD_$494_28May2022.jpg

CarParts dot com did the same thing. They were corrected.
Cam Sensor Cap_OE_carparts dot com_$466_28May2022.jpg

PartsGeek did the same in August 2021....
Cam Sensor Cap_OE_PartsGeek_$460_6Aug2021.jpg

PartsGeek was later corrected.....They appropriately corrected the pricing, but fail to update the product picture.
Cam Sensor Cap_OE_PartsGeek_NOW $68_6May2022.jpg

There are only a few folks who have some NOS OE Magnavox caps on-hand. They won't be found at retail. One individual recently put four Magnavox caps up for sale.

If using an ECM and one of Eric's or Bob's chips, the cam sensor cap with the LED would work fine, if you needed one.

If using an aftermarket system like ECUGN, etc, there is discussion how the LED caps are flaky with that setup. Those problems go away when an OE Magnavox cap replaces the LED cap.

This is a parts for sale thread. My intention is not to muck up the OP's for sale thread. But this thread has evolved into a discussion where I thought best to input clarifications to the group.

Jason rebuilt the drive units, so they are better than new. The original units from Magnavox were not balanced. Jason's work with RC developing these kits and components also balances the unit. So there is no question about the drive unit. The OP has paired the fresh drive units with NOS Magnavox caps. I find they are fairly priced when NOS units are priced at $800 on ebay and at some of the vendors.

If a cap with the LED is needed, for an ECM + chip based ecu, it's tough to beat buying from Casper's directly at $76 with free shipping.
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Cheers, gentlemen. Been reading various folk's questions across the different forum platforms of recent.

It's pretty cool the OP has some NOS Magnavox caps stashed away to pair with the cam sensor drive units just freshened up.

Casper's notes on the product page that the LED cam sensor cap is only for use with a OEM ecm + chip combination engine control unit. John prepared installation instructions for most if not all of the Casper's products. But some folks miss that info.

While not needed for this parts for sale listing, the cam sensor gear is available from TA Performance - part # 1402A, should anyone reading need one, if they are doing the drive unit rebuild themselves with one of Jason's kits. buick 350 MSD distributor gear.
I said I would report back.

Indeed, the Taylor cap I purchased is an LED style cap.

There you have it.