Reds Armstrong 93 Chip

Mike Swentzel

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Dec 4, 2017
Could anyone identify this Chip. I believe it is a Red Armstrong 93, I don't know anything else about the chip. Could someone chime in on what other 3 numbers represent. I have a stock turbo with 36# blue tops with the usual bolt on's. Any advise on boost, timing and fuel pressure with that chip.
Or should I upgrade to a Turbotweek?


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Upgrade, his chips never worked well in my car. But I bought them used and was at the mercy of the seller as to what they were.
Never was able to decipher the numbers.
Turbotweak or Turbo Bob chips work great in both my cars. :)
Update the chip and injectors to Turbotweak and matching 60#ers,
The Reds chip is old school when 93 was 93 octane not like today when 93 is barely 89.
Red liked more timing that today's pump gas could be happy with. I forget the guy who actually did his chips. I knew at one time but its been years.