Removed aftermarket alarm rats net

Silver Fox

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Apr 17, 2003
I've had my car several years and it had a non-functioning aftermarket alarm it when I bought it. I was installing a Casper's Electronics power window hot wire kit today and decided to finally tackle taking the alarm out. Here is what I pulled out from under the dash:



It's truly amazing somebody would wire up an alarm like that. I had problem seeing the fuse box with all the crap under there - know I can actually see what is up under my dash.

I was very glad the car still started when I finished it up. Oh yes, the windows do work faster now.

Pulled that crap from my truck. Looked the same, silly rats nest. Only issue now is my dome light doesn't work.
Awwwww yeeaaahhh I've done that a handful of times at work. They always look like that when they come out. NOT dogging people who professionally install alarms. It's about impossible to install one in a modern car without a million wires. Personally I just don't care for them. Sometimes when we trade for a car that has one, they will run the battery down while on the lot or we simply can't figure out how to work/disable the thing. SO I get to remove it.