Removing EGr question


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May 25, 2001
Since my chip doesn't use it and no smog checks when I remove the actual egr do I leave the black box/filter I think conected?
Will it set a code if not used?

If your chip ignores it. No it will not set a code. Best to gut the box and vacuum lines cleans up the engine area nicely. I would leave the EGR bolted to intake unless you are going to use a block-off plate. :cool:
no checks and I have a block off plate. I just thought with it unplugged might set a code or SES light. Thanks

ECM will only check for egr working if EGR is activated. If chip is zero'd out, then no problem.

Stock look--A couple of ball bearings or bee-bees in the vacuum line going to EGR. No mo worky.