Removing flat alt/AC bracket??

Boston GN

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Silly question and searches aren't really giving much help, but I'm trying to remove the flat alt/Ac bracket. Any tips on this thing?
Top alt bolt is easy, but then the other two bolts seem to come in from the rear of the AC compressor. One doesn't look too difficult to get (lower), the middle one, however, looks to be blocked by the AC lines. How does that come off.
Do you need to remove the AC lines first from the back of the compressor? How does one do that?

Thanks for any advice
After doing a bit more searching, the AC lines have a bolt in the middle that ties it to the compressor.
Anyone know the size of that bolt. I can't easily see it from the top of the motor, so I'd like to get it right off the bat without feeling around to get the correct socket.
Once those are out of the way it looks like just the two bolts from behind the compressor and I can remove the flat bracket

To get that bolt off your gonna have to take the AC lines off the back of the compressor. Hope the system is not pressurized?

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