replacement floor pans?


Sep 8, 2001
Does anyone make replacement floor pans for the Regals?
Just picked up a T-Type and it has a small hole in the driver's
side. It needs painting anyway, so I'll probably just have the
floors done at the same time as the rest of the bodywork.

Any ideas how much extra the floor pans will add to my
paint and body costs?
Check in some...

of the recent "hotrodding" publications... there is a company in there offering G-body floor pans.

floor plans

Shweman sales floor plans for the grand national for an hundred and eighty five dollars.

Eighty five beibg restored.
Postons has full length floorpans 25"x65" They are aftermarket, LH part#S710-46CL and RH part#S710-46CR the cost is $175 each Postons 1-800-635-7981