replacement for crane 214/210 billet roller


Mar 12, 2006
I am running an old ATR roller kit and the cam that came in it is a crane 214/210 billet roller. Somehow one of the lobes is not wearing correctly looks like it's starting to wipe one lobe #4 cylinder. Does anyone know where I can buy just a billet roller cam with this grind? From what I can find out Crane doesn't make them anymore.
TA Performance sells the billet blanks. You should be able to get any company to grind it for you.
I have a larger Billet Hydraulic roller camshaft if you are interested in going fast, fast.
PM me for details.
Ok thanks guys

Scott231 Thanks for the offer but this is going to be mostly a driver, and it still needs to pass emissions for a couple years. Thanks for lookin out though.
So... "generally speaking"... how much cam are the TSM guys running ???

Most of us run camshafts that are not on somebody's website :cool:

There are some smaller (~214-218's) cams out there and then there was the "sunset orange" cam :confused: that works at 8,000 :cool: :eek: :cool: