Replacement LC1 O2 sensor

Before you put a new one in there, you should try to re-calibrate the current o2 sensor have you tried to go thru the procedure?
#3737 is not the PN at the parts store, the parts store part number i believe is pn# 17014 bosch wideband sensor, take your old one as reference
The best O2 sensor we have found for long-lasting durability and accuracy is the Denso 234-1001.

Worst is the Bosch for a GN. :(
Nick, i agree thats a good direct fit o2 sensor. But that isnt a wideband o2 sensor for the lc1 kit..

That confirms that I should not post early in the AM before my brain is fully awake ahead of my fingers, LC1 did not register? :confused:
Get the bosch wide band from autozone for an 02 VW turbo beetle. There will be 2 sensors for that car listed, pick the one that says wideband. It will be the one listed in the post before mine above. Sometimes those counter guys look like a deer in headlights though if you give them a part number. You just have to be secure enough with your man hood to ask for a part for a VW beetle lol
yea i think in need one i have the lc1 and it starts of fine warms up and everything but after driving a little it gets the 8 flashing era code 7.5 flashing i tr ied resetting it a few times but the same thing so its the 17014 bosch wideband sensor ? where's the best pace to get it .
If you can catch it in time, here's one for $35 + $2 shipping. That's a steal.

Otherwise, Amazon wins the price war with $50 and free shipping.

Beware, the LC-1 is finicky and if it's not grounded properly, it'll give you all kinds of gibberish. EDIT: Just read your responses on the other post regarding your errors. I bet you have something buggered up with the wiring. How do you have it hooked up? and white and calibration wire button on 1 lug to engine ground brown to the pl io and yellow to db guage red power ignition.
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but the way i grounded it to the block was i took a bigger guage wire and brought it in through the hole by the booster firewall and then put the white and blue and the calibration wire button to that wrong or was i supposed to bring the white and blue wire out to the block on a lug and bolt it to it ?