Replacing Bumper Rub Strips


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Going to be replacing bumper rub strips (Front and Rear) on my car shortly. Anyone have any tips? Do the bumpers need to be removed to do it?
Yes...remove bumpers...don't have to remove the inner support...there are 8 nuts that hold the bumper on...make the location before removing...important tip...either get someone else to help you or use a tranny jack or similar to hold the weight of the bumper when you loosen the nuts...if you don't the bumper will drop and most likely damage the fillers...ask me how I know..:(
Some more info...if you do it yourself be ready when you pick the bumpers up...they weigh a ton...if you have aluminum inserts then it's not as bad...also when tightening down the nuts that hold the strip in place use a nut driver and take it cut new threads into the hard rubber studs and they are very easy to strip...
Thanks for the info!

Do the bumper fillers have any screws/bolts holding them onto the bumper?

No...the bottom part of the fillers...kind of look like tabs...wedge into the open space between the bumper and the inner bumper support...that's what supports the fillers on the bumper side...