Replacing Digital Dash


It's my Granny's car!
My Dig dash is bad. I am toying with a GNXish dash using a 3-3/8"
speedo,2" fuel-water temp-tach-oil psi. What speedo would I need,mech or elec? I already have matching oil water and boost gauges.

Either speedo will work just fine, my choice would depend on how much you wanted to spend and which gauges you are using. VDO has the best electronic/programmable speedometer on the market. It's easy to program and is very user friendly. Autometer's electronic unit is not easily set up but once it is it works well.
VDO doesn't even make a mechanical speedometer anymore but Autometer's unit is very reliable and comes in several styles.
If you're planning on a self built setup... best of luck! If you'd like it professionally done, drop me a line or call.

Tom Houser
Performance Instruments