Replacing my converter.....


Why Try...
I am replacing my convertor this w/e and am wondering if anyone can tell me what tools I need to get this done? The guy whose shop I usually use, is having problems with the owner of the shop so I can't go there. I am looking for a list of tools that I need to buy or borrow if i don't already have.

Also, I have never done this before so what tips if any do you guys have? I have pulled both heads, ported them and the intake, and assembled the motor in a week when I was pressed for time and prior to that, I hade never really seen the inside of a motor (that I took apart anyway) so I consider myself technically capable. Just looking for any tips you guys might have. TIA :D
Hmmm. Let me think.

10 mm socket -
  • speedo cable to crossmember
  • TV cable to transmission
  • converter dust cover bolts

14 mm socket - trans mount to transmission

15 mm socket -
  • crossmember to frame
  • trans mount to crossmember
  • converter to flexplate bolts

9/16" socket, swivel joint & 3-foot extension - transmission to engine

1/2" line wrench - cooler lines

needle nose pliers - cotter pins on shift linkage assy.

7/16" wrench (or is it 10mm?) - u-joint on driveshaft

Thanks Greg!!!

I started taking stuff apart yesterday but didn't get very far cause of that dang thing we all have to do............You know.......WORK!! :D :D

I will probably have a few hours to pick at it today but won't have a full chance to work on it until friday night. Wish me luck and THANKS!!!!
Hey Greg, do you recommend replacing the pump gasket, or something like that, when installing a new converter. How about converter bolts, can they be reused. Thanks, Dave
Good question. It's always a good idea to replace the front, metal-clad seal when replacing a conveter. No problem in reusing converter bolts, just be sure to put a drop of loctite on each one.
I need some advice on how to get a stuck driveshaft bolt out??:mad: I was under the car for 2 hours last night trying to get the damn bolt to come loose. I loosened the other three with almost no problem but this one bolt seemed like it was welded in or something!!! I have stripped most of what used to be the head of the bolt off pulling on this damn thing. Any ideas??

I did get the driveshaft out but have two bleeding thumbs, probably a dead u joint, and the stripped bolt I still have to get out. How do you put new U joints in the axle side of the driveshaft?? Do I need to take it somewhere to be pressed in or something?
Remove the throttle bracket and TV cable as a unit, just set it off to the side and make sure there's plenty of slack for when you pull the trans back. Pull the fill tube once you take the upper trans bolts loose. A bag of kitty litter or a bunch of cardboard for spills. A plug for the rear of the trans (or put a couple of plastic grocery bags over the end and tape it up). Be sure and center the rear U-joint perfectly upon reinstall to avoid vibration. And you don't really have to fill the converter before installing. Just pour in a couple of quarts immediately upon restart, then fill to proper level once warm. I only lost 3 quarts of fluid during my swap and 2 of them remained in the converter. Oh, and get a buddy. He'll help you balance the thing on the jack and help you remember to hook everything back up. Don't forget to rehook up the ground strap; the previous hack that worked on my car's trans had it pinched between the transhousing and the block with the bolt still hanging in it!!!!:eek:
You could try taking a hammer and blunt punch and firmly striking the head of the bolt. If it still won't budge, you may have to take the pinion off of the rear.

With it off, you gould heat up the pinion with a torch to loosen the bolt.
Keep greasing it with some good stuff like PB Blaster. You will probably have to put some ViseGrips or a little monkey wrench on it at this point though.....
What I ended up doing is just prying the strap open enough to fit the damn cup back in:mad:

I got everything back together though. Thanks for all your help Again!!!:cool: