Restalled D5


It's just a V6 Regal....
A stock D5 torque converter restalled to 2800, would that have any real affect on gas mileage and driveability?
the affects of increased stall speed on fuel economy are a real issue.however depending on the rate of slip or loss of coupling efficiency some will be worst than most cases the fuel economy with a d5 restall being used in the proper application will not yield any noticable additional fuel consumtion of real concern accept for the few seconds it is being put to work during higher boost launches.some applications see very little performance increases with them unless they are done correctly.brake adjustment and bigger wheel cylinders improve there performance.we saw terrible fuel economy during daily driving with several "orange and red type "converters .
Ok, thanks for the info. I ask because Im currently running a stock turbo and transmission but plan to get a TA49 soon. I know they spool better with a slightly higher converter, so I was looking into a restall. Currently my car gets bout 23 mpg highway, and I was hoping it would stay pretty much the same. I dont boost a whole lot, but when I do, Id like the power to be there :biggrin:
on the hiway the mileage will be identical when locked up.converter will work well with the 49.if you dont find anything we offer one for 299 with no core charge and a 1 year warrantee.furnace brazed fins,roller bearings and modified 14 blade stator all standard features.