restalling a converter

I would suggest you check with some local transmission shops to see if they know of anyone close.

I go to TCS in Langley B. C., Canada for converters for my car. If you want to talk to them, talk to Jim Jr. at 604-533-8675. They are about 30 minutes the other side of the border. They are a large shop, about the size of a medium size warehouse. They build race converters and can do almost anything you want.

Thanks a lot for the info. I'm thinking of moving up to a 2800-3000 stall convertor and not sure if restalling my stocker makes more sense than buying a new one. This is new territory for me.
Thanks again for the responses.

The best local shop around here that works on Turbo Buicks
is David Splett in Lynnwood.

He's the guy who did the trans in Geno's car.