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Oct 31, 2014
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Both passes run at 22 lbs boost. 8lbs boost launch. Stock engine, turbo, intercooler. 3" DP on stock ported exhaust elbow. E85. Valve springs were weak, bother passes should have been 11.75-11.80's. Valve springs were replaced today. Going to Motorplex Sunday to test. South side upper and lower, rear control arms. S10 wheel cylinders with non metallic large shoes on both sides. 255/60/15 M/T ET streets.


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Nice 60'
I think the times are good for the mph posted. With the new springs it should pull the whole gear and not fall off at the upper rpm. If you can get 114 mph you could be where you are talking about. Maybe some more boost could get it to 115-116 with the cooler weather.

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Boost was backed off to 22, car wasn't pulling strong as should from around 330-450' on. Weak springs were allowing exhaust valve to blow open on intake stroke. Haven't checked old springs yet, to see just how wore they were. Gonna turn up boost and should hopefully squeeze a 1.55 - 60' , 7.39 - .42 , 1/8th and 11.48 - .57 , 1/4 mile. Should be around 112-114 mph.